S. 174 – ‘Ammunition Background Check Act of 2013’

S. 174 – A bill to appropriately restrict sales of ammunition.

The stated intent of this bill is to subject ammunition sales to the same regulation as firearms sales.

This bill would:

1) Require verification of a background check for the purchase of ammunition;

From a licensed dealer:

  • Background check through the NICS system, or
  • Presentation of a permit issued by the state to purchase ammunition.

Private transfer:

  • Private transfers of ammunition would be required to go through a dealer who would verify a background check as above.

2) Require reporting (by the assisting dealer) of private transfers of more than 1000 rounds during any consecutive 5 days.

3) Require dealers to report “multiple sales” or “large quantities” of ammunition to an unlicensed person, during any 5 consecutive days, to state and local law enforcement.

The definition of “large quantity” is left to the discretion of the Attorney General and may be modified at any time.

4) Require that all ammunition sales, including name, age, and address of purchaser be entered in the dealer’s transaction record book.

5) Prohibit interstate sales of ammunition.

6) Require that the theft or loss of a “significant amount of ammunition” be reported to law enforcement.

7) Expand the definition of armor-piercing bullets to include,

bullets or projectiles which are coated with Teflon or any chemical compound with properties similar to Teflon.

8) Ban armor-piercing or incendiary ammunition.


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